This smart PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor will recognize physical movement up to a distance of approximately five metres covering an angle of 120°. This information can be sent to your Nedis SmartLife application. To do this, our Zigbee gateway is required.
This sensor can not only notify you when someone is in the room, but by combining it with other products in the SmartLife application, you can trigger any additional light, smart plug or siren.
Its compact size and the included battery with a lifetime of up to one year (with six triggers per day) lets you place this sensor anywhere you want (within a range of approximately 30 metres of the Zigbee gateway)

Smart ZigBee Motion Sensor

  • Detect motion using the PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor wherever you want - within a range of approximately 30 m from the Zigbee gateway (WIFIZBxxx)
  • Detect motion up to a distance of 5 m at a 120° angle
  • Fully integrates with your SmartLife application (through the Zigbee gateway) to combine with other smart products in automations.
  • Battery powered for flexible placement
  • Battery lifetime of up to one year