This compact Zigbee smoke detector alerts you in case of smoke, with a loud alarm for those nearby and an alert is sent to your phone wherever you may be.

With its compact size of 43 x 43 mm (excl. base), it is 75% smaller than most detectors and can be positioned discretely. Yet, it’s large enough to house a powerful sensor with a 10 year lifetime and an alarm that offers 85 decibels of warning at the earliest stage of a fire.

The smoke detector is very easy to install, using either the 3m tape or screws provided. The included lithium battery will last for 5 years before it needs replacing, of which also a reminder is sent to your phone.

Install this smoke detector in the free SmartLife app by connecting it to your Zigbee Gateway (WIFIZBxxx) wirelessly. It can be paired simply with other SmartLife products for additional safety features. These could include, for example, having your smart light bulbs switch on when smoke is detected to enable a safe exit.

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Smart ZigBee Smoke Detector

  • Send you an alert on your smartphone in case of smoke or low battery wherever you are when linked to the Zigbee Gateway (WIFIZBxxx)
  • Combine with other SmartLife products to create more smart automations (e.g. switch on the light when smoke is detected)
  • Compact size of only 43 x 43 mm (excl. mount) which is 75% smaller than most other detectors
  • High-quality sensor which lasts up to 10 years
  • Included lithium battery lasts up to 5 years before it must be replaced