This smart climate sensor measures both the room temperature (0 - 40 °C) and humidity (0 - 95%) in the air and sends this information to your SmartLife application. To do this, a SmartLife Zigbee gateway (WIFIZBxxx) is required.
This not only allows you to monitor the current room climate but it also enables you to look back at the temperature and humidity changes for the last day, week or month.
By combining this sensor with other products in the SmartLife range, you can use the temperature or humidity to trigger or control any smart product such as a heater or fan, but also a smart plug to control almost any electrical device.
Its compact size and the included battery with a lifetime of up to one year (depending on report frequency) lets you place this sensor anywhere you want (within a range of approximately 30 metres of the Zigbee gateway).

Smart ZigBee Climate Sensor

  • Measure temperature and humidity wherever you want within a range of approximately 30 m from the SmartLife Zigbee gateway (WIFIZBxxx)
  • Fully integrates with your Nedis SmartLife application (through the Zigbee gateway) to combine with other smart products in automations.
  • See both live and stored climate information for the last day, week or month in clear graphs
  • Battery powered for flexible placement
  • Battery lifetime of up to one year