Make your decorations more festive than ever with this smart RGB string of lights. Besides free choice of any colour you can also set the brightness to your liking. Besides just changing brightness or colour, you can also set this string to show multicolour moving patterns or use the integrated microphone to have the lights respond to your music or other sounds.

Installation is easy as it connects directly to your home WI-Fi, so no additional hub required. Control the lights using the free SmartLife app, set automations based on timed schedules, sunset or other SmartLife products. In combination with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can even give voice commands to change the colour and brightness of the light.

The 5 meter length and the minimalistic silver-wire design makes it a very flexible solution for many situations. The string of lights itself is splash proof (IP44) so can even be used outdoors as long as the controller is kept indoors.
It is USB powered, so any USB wall charger will do, or connect it to the USB port of your computer, TV or sounds system to automatically have the lights switch on together with said device.

Smart LED Strip

  • Connects to your Wi-Fi to control with your phone from anywhere
  • Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice control
  • Option to set time schedules or combine with other SmartLife products for automations
  • Supports 16 million colours, 100 brightness levels, 8 moving multicolour patterns and 4 adjustable music modes thanks to the integrated microphone
  • USB powered to easily connect to your PC, TV, music system or wall charger
  • String of lights is waterproof (IP44) so can be used outdoors as long as the controller is kept indoors
  • Supplied with a 3-button controller box and IR remote control to control the lights