Part of the ever-expanding SmartLife range, this full colour wireless smart bulb (E14 screw fitting) allows you to control its colour and brightness remotely through your phone, tablet or voice (using Amazon Alexa or Google Home).

Change its brightness and colour
This bulb can be altered to suit your mood. It offers brightness settings up to 350 lumen (the equivalent of a traditional 40W bulb) and also offers all colours on top of a warm white.

Connect wirelessly
You can easily connect it wirelessly to your network using your Wi-Fi router. An intuitive app enables you to set time schedules and pair it to other products from our SmartLife range to create your own connected smart home system.

About SmartLife
Discover a wide and ever-expanding range of products - such as bulbs, switches, sockets, sensors, and cameras - that can all be controlled through an easy-to-use and intuitive app. With voice control features supported by Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and no need for anything more than your existing Wi-Fi network, this is the connected, smart home made simple.
Whether you're looking for a single smart bulb or socket, or you want to automate your entire house, discover how accessible smart technology is today.


Smart Colour LED Bulb

€16.99 Regular Price
€13.99Sale Price
  • Change the colour to match your current mood
  • Set the brightness up to 350 lumens - similar to a traditional 40-W bulb
  • Remotely control the light - with your connected devices or voice
  • Can be scheduled to turn on and paired to operate automatically with other smart appliances and fixtures