Determine the optimal colour temperature and light intensity to suit each moment. Do you need bright, energising lighting close to daylight to stay focussed during late night study sessions? Or rather have a warm white glow to enhance a relaxed atmosphere during dinner? This Wi-Fi smart ceiling light provides the very right setting for every situation.

Control the light’s brightness and colour temperature
Connect it up and you can now control the brightness using the SmartLife app on your smartphone or tablet, or with a simple voice command via Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
Same goes for the colour temperature.
Research shows that energising, cool white light has a positive effect on our ability to concentrate. So get things done and set the colour temperature of this light accordingly, for efficient working, reading or studying.
Ready to relax? Change the colour temperature to extra warm white and create a welcoming, cosy ambience - instantly.

Easy to set up
Automating and controlling your lighting remotely might look sophisticated and impressive but the good news is: it is super easy. All you actually need is your Wi-Fi router, our intuitive app and this Wi-Fi smart ceiling light. No extra kit and no connecting hubs: this is home automation made simple.

Set up schedules and pair with other smart products
Set up time schedules for the ceiling light to switch on and off again at any desired time and come home to a place that is already nicely lit. You can also automate the light to be (de)activated specifically at sunset/sunrise. This will make it seem you are at home to deter burglars, so you can enjoy your holidays with a mind that is at ease.
In addition, you can create ambient scenes in an instant by pairing this ceiling light to other products from the SmartLife range.

About SmartLife
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Smart Ceiling Light Round

  • Option to dim the lights and change the colour temperature
  • Minimalistic design with a sleek and slim aluminium bezel of less than 4 cm thick - blends in every interior
  • Adjustable colour temperature - extra warm white (2700 K) to suit a relaxed atmosphere, to cool white (6500 K) if you need to concentrate
  • Easy to control remotely or to automate -